Wednesday, December 9, 2009

1986 Lionel Richie Dancing on the Ceiling

1986 Dancing on the Ceiling
Lionel Richie
Louie Shelton - Guitar

Lionel Richie wasn't necessarily emboldened by the success of Can't Slow Down, after all, he had experienced huge success since the Commodores, but there is nevertheless a sense of swagger on its 1986 successor, Dancing on the Ceiling. This isn't entirely a good thing, since it means he indulges in silliness (the title track) and sappiness ("Ballerina Girl") in equal measure, seemingly without quite realizing how ridiculous either extreme is. Maybe that's because he still has a strong sense of popcraft, something that makes "Dancing in the Ceiling" stick in the head even if its lyrics are awful, something that makes "Ballerina Girl" work for a slow dance even if it is awfully sugary.

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