Wednesday, December 2, 2009

1971 Al Kooper New York City (You're a Woman)

1971 New York City (You're a Woman)
Al Kooper
Louie Shelton - Guitar

This is the fourth solo album from rock and roll wunderkind Al Kooper. He congregates two very distinct bands, one in London and the other in Los Angeles, to accompany some of his most emotive compositions to date. This is ironic when considering the title track is a paean to the Big Apple. The UK aggregate consists of musicians from Hookfoot, including Herbie Flowers (bass), Caleb Quay (guitar) and Roger Pope (drums). The band were fresh from several collaborations with Elton John, most notably his third studio effort Tumbleweed Connection. The LA sessions included legends such as Carol Kaye (bass), Paul Humphries (drums) and Louis Shelton (guitar).

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